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Mobily Daleely for Business is mobile application software designed by CATALYST team. The application consists of a great percentage of the active Yemeni companies, organizations and government sector establishments.

 Mobily Daleely is the first business directory from its kind in Yemen. It is specially designed to deliver business listings and mobile advertising using a cutting edge technology.

Mobily Daleely is inclusive for more than 5000 enterprises in numerous business sectors such as: banks, educational institutions, oil companies, manufacturing companies, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, ministries, embassies, NGOs, employment centers, emergency hotlines… etc, scattered in different regions of Yemen.

Mobily Daleely features:

·         User-friendly mobile application.

·         It has an easy search option by keyword and category.

·         User can share the application with friends via Bluetooth.

·         The application offers the user the ability to click on and call any company in the listing.

·         A regular update for the application data every three months.

·         Download and installation simplicity.

·         Supported by java platform.

Information provided by Mobily Daleely

·         Company name.

·         Company address.

·         Phone number.

·         Fax number.

·         Company website.

·         E-mail.

·         Other business details.

Mobily Daleely contains the following Business Listings:

  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Exchange Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies.
  • Importing and Exporting Companies.
  • Universities, Educational Institutes and Schools.
  • Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Agencies and Pharmacies.
  • Programming and Software Development Companies.
  • Manufacturing and Packaging Companies.
  • Commercial Companies.
  • Media and Advertisement Agencies.
  • Cement companies.
  • Real Estate Companies.
  • Commercial Malls.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Newspapers and Publications.
  • Travel and Tourism Agencies.
  • Shipping and Logistics Services Companies.
  • Construction and Contracting works Companies.
  • Automobile importing and rental companies.
  • Services Companies.
  • Employment Companies.
  • Ministries.
  • Oil companies.
  • Government organization and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Embassies.
  • Emergency Hotlines and Important Numbers.
  • Other Companies in different sectors.


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